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What is Torque?

Posted by Mountz Torque March 16th, 2011    

WHAT Is TORQUE? Torque is a “turning” or “twisting” force and differs from tension, which is created by a straight pull. However, we use torque to create a tension. HOW? As the nut and bolt are tightened, the two plates are clamped together. The thread angle in the bolt converts the force applied into tension […]


Electronics Manufacturing Company Establishes a Torque Tool Auditing System

Posted by Mountz Torque February 23rd, 2011    

An electronics manufacturing company uses torque testers along with benched mounted torque sensors to audit 150+ pneumatic torque tools on a daily basis. Each pneumatic tool has bar-code on it, which identifies the tool. A unique tool test (torque setting and tolerance setting) is set-up for each pneumatic tool and stored inside the PTT torque […]


How to: Perform Torque Tests and Torque Calibrations with a Torque Meter

Posted by Mountz Torque February 9th, 2011    

A torque meter is a finely tuned instrument designed for testing and monitoring torque applications. Designed for torque evaluation and verification, a torque meter is a laboratory grade instrument that is commonly used for quality control, R&D and calibration applications. The PTT torque meter makes ISO 9001 documentation faster and easier. As an advanced torque […]


Torque Tool Testing and ISO 9001 Documentation Faster, Easier and Cost Effective

Posted by Mountz Torque December 29th, 2010    
LTT Torque Analyzer

The TorqueLab®, LTT-Series, is a torque tester that offers portability, expandability and documentation control. Meeting the demands to test multiple torque ranges for various torque tools used in production, maintenance and calibration labs, the LTT features the EZ-Plug & Play technology, which is an auto-recognition system for Mountz torque sensors.  The torque tester is designed […]


Measuring Torque in 3 Facets of the Assembly Process Improves Quality Control & Reduces Rejection Rates

Posted by Mountz Torque December 22nd, 2010    

Torque measurement is utilized in three areas of assembly. Controlling torque is quintessential for companies to ensure their product’s quality, safety and reliability isn’t compromised. Prior to Assembly Torque testing equipment, like electronic torque tester and  torque sensors are used before assembly process for tool setup or conducting tool capability studies. For tool setup, the tool crib […]