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How to Use an Electric Screwdriver for Electronics: From Beginners to Pros

Posted by Mountz Torque December 27th, 2017    
An electric screwdriver is an excellent choice for precise, delicate electronics applications.

I used to work at a manufacturing plant, and of all the different tasks I performed each day at that job, one of the most common was fastening screws into small electronic components. If I had to do these applications manually, I don’t think I would have lasted one whole shift. Fatigue would have set […]


How to Use an Automatic Screw Dispenser: From Beginners to Pros

Posted by Mountz Torque December 19th, 2017    
With an automatic screw dispenser, it becomes much easier to quickly get screws while working on a project.

I find that with some jobs, time can be my enemy. I used to work at a manufacturing plant that assembled electronic products, and part of my daily work involved fastening screws into circuit boards and other small components. With more and more pressing deadlines to meet, my company continuously looked for ways to help […]


How to Use a Torque Multiplier: From Beginners to Pros

Posted by Mountz Torque December 13th, 2017    
how to use a torque multiplier

Ever heard the old maxim, “Work smart, not hard”? In my experience, this saying is definitely true when it comes to tightening and loosening heavy-duty bolts and other fasteners. Under normal circumstances, it can be grueling work, requiring various amounts of elbow grease. You have to tighten the bolt sufficiently to keep parts from moving […]


The Electrician’s Guide to Choosing the Best Torque Screwdriver

Posted by Mountz Torque December 1st, 2017    
For electricians, a quality torque screwdriver can improve accuracy and efficiency.

The other day, Freddie, an electrician I know, asked me if I ever used a torque screwdriver and if I thought it was necessary? He was about to start work on a multi-unit renovation job and would be working around and behind a lot of appliances. Freddie’s question is an important and common query, often […]


Aviation Click Wrench Selected for Helicopter Maintenance

Posted by Mountz Torque July 11th, 2017    
Aviation Click Wrench

Across the world, twelve ton jets ascend to our skies hourly transporting our colleagues, our friends and our families. Helicopters maneuver the skies to provide traffic reports, medical evacuations, rescue operations and tourist excursions. Safety is key for any helicopter and airplane that fly across the skies. At the forefront of ensuring aircraft safety is […]