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New Mountz Trade Show Booth Displays Industrial Quality Torque Tools Designed to Improve Productivity.

Posted by Mountz Torque October 13th, 2010    

Mountz unveiled its new trade show booth at the Assembly Technology Expo at the end of September in Chicago. Mountz showcased several new products during the event including FlexPower pulse tools,PosiControl Torque Arms and brushless electric screwdrivers. Engineers that visited the Mountz booth were able to get a preview of our new battery torque screwdrivers […]


Eliminate the Problem of Missing Screws with Batch Count Functionality

Posted by Mountz Torque October 6th, 2010    

Complex fastening regimes with multiple screws and high-speed production can lead to miss screws and compromised quality. Get it right the first time around with batch count and line control functionality. Problem: On fast moving assembly lines, operators can miss screws. Solution: Screw counting capability with operator feedback signal. Problem: Operator needs to mark every […]


Ensure Torque Tools Aren’t Falling Out of Calibration with a Torque Tester

Posted by Mountz Torque July 15th, 2010    

Mountz, Inc., a specialist in the design and manufacture of torque control products, announces the next generation of the EZ-TorQ torque tester, a cost effective calibration tester used to verify and calibrate hand and power tools. The EZ-TorQ II is a simple to use torque tester that features a built-in transducer and graphics display. The […]