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Torque Arm Improves Safety & Ergonomics in Manufacturing

Posted by Mountz Torque September 4th, 2014    
Linear Torque Arms

The manufacturing process is constantly evolving in response to customer needs and emerging technology. Managing the assembly workstation, tooling requirements, production flow and employee safety is indeed a challenge. The daily repetitive fastening process exposes your assemblers to potential stress injuries. Increasing your awareness of ergonomic challenges and looking for ways to improve operator safety […]


Improve the Assembly Process, Reduce Operator Effort

Posted by Mountz Torque April 30th, 2014    
Automation Torque Arm

The ergonomic torque arms by Mountz eliminate torque reaction from both power and pneumatic assembly tools. With the EZ-Glider linear and articulated torque arms, a “downward assistant kit” can be installed on the arm to speed up and improve the production process. The system requires no effort from the operator to press downward on the […]


Protecting Employees & Making the Assembly Station Ergonomic

Posted by Mountz Torque April 2nd, 2014    
Ergonomic Torque Arm

Whether your manufacturing staff is assembling components used for electronics, aircraft, automobiles or appliances, it’s important to identify potential ergonomic risk factors. Power tools, both electric and pneumatic type, generally produce unwanted torque reaction that transfers over to an operator’s hand. After a while, the daily fastening process will expose your operators to repetitive stress […]


Prevent the Risk of Injuries and Additional Expenses with an Ergonomic Solution

Posted by Mountz Torque January 29th, 2014    
articulated torque arm

A power tool incidentally dropped by an assembly operator at a workstation, causes additional expenses and reduces productivity. Repairing and replacing parts for the assembly tool, recalibrating the tool after its been dropped or purchasing a new replacement tool are all additional, unnecessary costs. Daily, weekly, monthly, an assembly operator performs hundreds and thousands of […]


Preventing Costly Ergonomic Issues in the Assembly Area

Posted by Mountz Torque September 12th, 2013    
Ergonomic Torque Arms

As repetitive strain injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome, continue to increase in the assembly workplace, awareness of ergonomic solutions should be on the radar for many companies. If not, the cost for workers’ compensation claims will become a costly and growing issue. According to OSHA, “repetitive stress injuries (RSI), comprise more than one hundred different […]