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Improve Safety & Quality with an Ergonomic Torque Arm

Posted by Mountz Torque March 3rd, 2016    
EZl-Glider Linear Torque Arms

The daily repetitive process of fastening screw after screw with a power tool exposes operators to the risk of injury. An assembly operator freely holding and using a power tool is an opportunity for cross threading and side load to occur, which causes fastening failures. Implementing an ergonomic torque arm into the assembly process will […]


Improve the Assembly Process, Reduce Operator Effort

Posted by Mountz Torque April 30th, 2014    
Automation Torque Arm

The ergonomic torque arms by Mountz eliminate torque reaction from both power and pneumatic assembly tools. With the EZ-Glider linear and articulated torque arms, a “downward assistant kit” can be installed on the arm to speed up and improve the production process. The system requires no effort from the operator to press downward on the […]


Preventing Costly Ergonomic Issues in the Assembly Area

Posted by Mountz Torque September 12th, 2013    
Ergonomic Torque Arms

As repetitive strain injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome, continue to increase in the assembly workplace, awareness of ergonomic solutions should be on the radar for many companies. If not, the cost for workers’ compensation claims will become a costly and growing issue. According to OSHA, “repetitive stress injuries (RSI), comprise more than one hundred different […]


Ergonomic Torque Arm Provides Ability for “Slide & Glide” Movement in the Assembly Area

Posted by Mountz Torque April 23rd, 2013    
Torque Arm

Crafted with a lightweight durable carbon fiber, the EZ-Slider torque arm slides up and down and provides X & Y axis mobility. A Gliding Rail System, an accessory product by Mountz, allows the EZ-Slider torque arm the freedom to travel horizontally (side to side) on a production floor. Combining these two items together allows a […]


Sequence Based Fastening is Critical to Proper Process Control & Quality Fastening

Posted by Mountz Torque December 5th, 2012    
Position Control telescoping torque arm

The new EZ-Glider Position Control telescoping torque arms by Mountz Inc., helps manufacturers detect and eliminate costly screw-fastening errors during the assembly process. Position Control telescoping torque arms are designed to reduce the risk of improperly fastened screws, ensuring that every screw is in the correctly tightened in the correct sequence. Using the EZ-Glider Position […]