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Selecting Metric Bolts

Posted by Mountz Torque November 13th, 2014    
Metric Bolts

Bolt head style, drive style, material, size, and grade are all important elements for selecting the correct metric bolt for your fastening application. Do your eyes glaze over at all the metric bolt choices? We know it can be kind of overwhelming and confusing, especially if you’re not used to ordering metric parts. Let’s look […]


Quick Guide – Selecting Metric Nuts

Posted by Mountz Torque August 29th, 2014    

The essential purpose of any nut is to mate with a bolt to discourage the bolt from loosening its grip against a surface. When you thread a nut onto a bolt until it sits tight against the opposite side of the surface from the bolt head, you create a kind of stress on the threads […]


Using Thread Locking Patches for Fasteners

Posted by Mountz Torque July 25th, 2014    
Thread Locking Patches for Fasteners

For parts that are fastened together and endure constant vibration, fasteners may lose grip over time. What’s the solution? A thread locking patch applied to the screw. A thread locking patch is a simple concept. The threaded area of the screw is treated with a dot of nylon, or a layer that wraps completely around […]


Mountz, Inc. Named One of the Top Workplaces in 2014 by Bay Area News Group

Posted by Mountz Torque June 17th, 2014    
Top Workplaces - Mountz

San Jose, California based Mountz, Inc. has been named one of the Top Workplaces in the Bay Area by the Bay Area News Group. Mountz provides torque tool solutions and metric fasteners to a variety of industries like aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy, medical, packaging and more. Mountz, Inc. features two other product divisions – Mr. […]


Metric Fasteners from Mr. Metric (A Member of the Mountz Torque Family)

Posted by Mountz Torque May 28th, 2014    

With 50 years of experience, Mountz, Inc. has proven its in-depth knowledge of torque and manufacturing expertise by consistently developing, producing, marketing and servicing highly sophisticated, quality torque tools. But did you know Mountz also offers fasteners? The answer is YES! Mr. Metric (a Mountz company) offers fasteners … METRIC FASTENERS! Founded in 1980, Mr. […]