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Improve Safety & Quality with an Ergonomic Torque Arm

Posted by Mountz Torque March 3rd, 2016    
EZl-Glider Linear Torque Arms

The daily repetitive process of fastening screw after screw with a power tool exposes operators to the risk of injury. An assembly operator freely holding and using a power tool is an opportunity for cross threading and side load to occur, which causes fastening failures. Implementing an ergonomic torque arm into the assembly process will […]


Ergonomic Torque Arm Prevents Assembly Injuries

Posted by Mountz Torque January 7th, 2016    
Ergonomic Torque Arms

A poorly designed and functioning assembly worksite leads to potential employee injuries and additional expenses can incur. With large volume manufacturing facilities, power tools are often used for tightening down fasteners. Assembly power tools increase productivity and reduce manufacturing costs. Tools that operate at high speeds increase risk factors. Power tools generally produce unwanted torque […]


Position Control Torque Arms Ensure Fasteners are Tightened in the Proper Sequence

Posted by Mountz Torque December 9th, 2014    
Position Control Torque Arm Systems

Many joints consist of more than one fastener and tightening together surfaces that are not completely flat can be a very challenging torque problem. The sequence of tightening fasteners can have a major influence on the resulting preload and clamping force, which is what holds two parts together. With such joints, consideration should be given […]


Torque Arm Improves Safety & Ergonomics in Manufacturing

Posted by Mountz Torque September 4th, 2014    
Linear Torque Arms

The manufacturing process is constantly evolving in response to customer needs and emerging technology. Managing the assembly workstation, tooling requirements, production flow and employee safety is indeed a challenge. The daily repetitive fastening process exposes your assemblers to potential stress injuries. Increasing your awareness of ergonomic challenges and looking for ways to improve operator safety […]


Installing Heli-Coil Screw Thread Inserts with a Power Tool

Posted by Mountz Torque August 7th, 2014    
heli-coil insert installation power tool

Heli-Coil screw thread inserts are common component used for a variety of automotive, military, communication, industrial and aerospace assembly applications. When installed into a heli-coil tapped hole, a heli-coil insert provides permanent conventional internal screw threads that accommodate any standard fastener or bolt. Using heli-coil inserts for parts that may require frequent maintenance is beneficial […]