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Choosing the Right Torque Sensor for the Aerospace Industry

Posted by Mountz Torque February 13th, 2018    
Choosing the right torque sensor in the aerospace industry.

In the aerospace manufacturing industry, the required reading is somewhat dry; there isn’t a lot of consideration of the human factors involved, i.e. the people who make the planes and who fly in them. As such, conscientious industry employees may want to pick up a copy of Arthur Miller’s book All My Sons and flip […]


Loosening Torque Test Method

Posted by Mountz Torque March 1st, 2016    
Loosening Torque Test Method

Every time a fastener is used to form a joint between two parts, torque control is a key element of that formula. Ensuring a well-tightened fastener is installed properly to the pre-defined torque specification will determine the success or failure of a product. Torque testing is key to identifying and reducing fastening failures. A lack […]


Automating the Torque Measuring Process

Posted by Mountz Torque December 10th, 2015    
Automating the Torque Measuring Process

Manufacturing facilities are equipped with various torque tools for handling all the different fastening applications at that site. Hand and assembly power tools are being operated daily. Performing tool calibrations in the lab and torque audits in the production area requires a multitude of torque sensors and measuring equipment. Often when quality engineers or calibration […]


Calibration Hex Step Adapter for Testing Open End Wrenches

Posted by Mountz Torque March 3rd, 2015    
Calibration Hex Step Adapter

When calibrating or testing torque wrenches, often adapters are needed. Especially wrenches with open-end heads. Testing wrenches with different open end sizes will mean you need a variety of different size adapters. Why waste time with searching for different size adapters? The time needed to remove and insert different size adapters is unnecessary. An adapter […]


Measuring Low Torque

Posted by Mountz Torque July 17th, 2014    
Low Torque Sensors

Small torque tools are precision instruments designed to accurately and repeatedly tighten fasteners to a proper torque value. Overtime, all torque tools start to drift out of tolerance. Preventative maintenance and regular torque calibration cycles will ensure repeatable accuracy and adherence to international standards. Having reliable tools will increase productivity, reduce rejection rates and make […]