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Calibration Guide for Torque Testers & Sensors

Posted by Mountz Torque May 18th, 2017    
Segment Arms by Mountz

A torque analyzer or a torque sensor are a finely tuned instrument designed for testing and monitoring torque applications. Designed for torque evaluation and verification, a torque analyzer and sensor are a laboratory grade instruments commonly used for quality control, R&D and calibration applications. In order to maintain accuracy, it is crucial that torque measuring equipment […]


How to Calibrate Torque Testers or Torque Sensors

Posted by Mountz Torque July 27th, 2011    
Torque Calibration Wheel

Torque calibration equipment is the official means by which torque testers and torque sensors are calibrated and are traceable to National or International Standards, such as N.I.S.T, ISO. A calibration is the method of comparing tools and measuring devices to higher accuracy standards. Mountz offers Calibration Wheels and Segment Arms for calibrating torque testers and […]