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Mountz the Pioneer of Electronic Torque Measurement

Posted by Mountz Torque March 12th, 2015    
Mountz ETA Torque Tester

The Mountz ETA (Electronic Torque Analyzer) System originated in the early 1970s based on a need for the U.S. Navy Polaris Missile Program. With the assistance of Lockheed Missile & Space Co., the primary contractor, Mountz was awarded a development contract for 50 ETA systems. The first system encompassed a strain gauge torsion bar transducer […]


Innovative Manufacturing Milestones in the Past 50 Years

Posted by Mountz Torque January 20th, 2015    
Mountz 50th Anniversary

The world of manufacturing has evolved rapidly in the last 50 years. Innovation and technological advances have transformed our world at a fast pace. As new technology develops, old technology quickly fades away. The “must have” consumer products of today soon becomes a relic of yesterday. Mountz was founded by Donald Mountz in 1965, a native […]


Clean Room Manufacturing with Clean Room Torque Screwdrivers

Posted by Mountz Torque September 18th, 2014    
Clean Room Torque Screwdrivers

Manufacturing electronic, semiconductor, biotech and medical devices demand care and precision. Often a controlled environment is needed during the production process to limit the amount of dust, particles and other contaminants in the manufacturing area. A clean room environment controls the level of contamination. Eliminating any sub-micron airborne contamination is a controlled process. Clean rooms […]


Measuring Torque: 10 Basic Questions to Ask When Selecting a Torque Tester

Posted by Mountz Torque May 7th, 2014    
Measuring Torque

Testing torque is an essential component in the manufacturing environment for many companies. Measuring torque is a process that is often neglected or misunderstood, which may lead to the incorrect torque measurement equipment being selected or used for torque testing applications. All torque testers can be used to measure torque. There are various types of torque […]


How to Calibrate a Click Wrench

Posted by Mountz Torque March 19th, 2014    
How to Calibrate a Click Wrench

“Click” “type wrenches are the most widely used torque product in the world. When the set torque is reached, a click wrench typically emits an audible “click” and a slight moment of release of up to three degrees, before going positive. After the “click”, an operator should stop pulling as torque is achieved and the […]