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Aviation Click Wrench Selected for Helicopter Maintenance

Posted by Mountz Torque July 11th, 2017    
Aviation Click Wrench

Across the world, twelve ton jets ascend to our skies hourly transporting our colleagues, our friends and our families. Helicopters maneuver the skies to provide traffic reports, medical evacuations, rescue operations and tourist excursions. Safety is key for any helicopter and airplane that fly across the skies. At the forefront of ensuring aircraft safety is […]


Mountz Wins Industry Innovation Award for New Click Wrench

Posted by Mountz Torque October 12th, 2015    
Mountz Adjustable Click Wrenches

Innovation is the catalyst for change. Although technologies continue to evolve with electronics and assembly power tools, hand tools continue to see new innovation every year. Mountz Inc., a specialist in providing torque and fastening solutions, is pleased to announce that its new EPT adjustable click wrench won the Pro Tool Innovation Award. The annual awards […]


The Evolution of the Mountz TB Break-Over Torque Wrench

Posted by Mountz Torque March 4th, 2015    
AMPEX VR-3000 (1967)

The Mountz TB or Torque Break-Over Wrench came to life to fill a customer application request in the late 1960s. AMPEX Corporation, founded in 1944, in San Carlos, California by Alexander M. Poniatoff was a pioneer in early audio and film recording and later data instrumentation devices. The name AMPEX was an acronym for the […]


Metal Handle Click Wrenches for Industrial Fastening Applications

Posted by Mountz Torque January 8th, 2015    
Metal Handle Click Wrenches

Mountz introduces two new style of click wrenches to its torque wrench product offering. The new EPT Series is an adjustable click wrench and the IPT Series is a preset click wrench. Engineered to accurately provide proper torque control, these wrenches are built with high quality materials, which reduces the frequency for maintenance and repairs […]


Cam-Over Torque Wrenches Reduce Fastening Failures

Posted by Mountz Torque August 22nd, 2014    
Cam Over Torque Wrenches

Fasteners and bolts are commonly used to securely clamp two or more items together. Although these components seem like a small part of the design and assembly process, it shouldn’t minimize their importance. Improperly tightening fasteners can unknowingly cause catastrophic or latent failures. Lack of torque control for fastening applications has caused wheel detachment on […]