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Making a Safer World Through Accuracy and Precision

Error Proof and Screw Counting

Scout II Screw Counter

Detects - cross threading, omissions,
unfinished rundowns and cycle complete.

E-DRIV® MD-Series DC Torque Control System

High performance torque fastening system, provides traceability, error proofing & I/O interface.
Torque Range: 0.08 - 434.3

E-DRIV® HD-Series Hybrid Torque Control System for Electric Screwdrivers

Increase productivity with one tool instead of 2 - 8 tools.
Torque Range: 4.4 - 86.8

E-DRIV® SD-Series Torque Control System for Electric Screwdrivers

Features a programmable digital torque setting with memory for 8 preset torque settings.
Torque Range: 0.08 - 24.3

SH-Series Robotic Torque Control System for Electric Screwdrivers

Automation torque control system
Torque Range: 0.43 - 564.2

BLG-BC-1 Series Electric Screwdriver

Brushless screwdriver with a built-in screw counter.
Torque Range: 0.9 - 17

Signal Output Wrenches

Electric switch signals when preset torque is achieved.
Torque Ranges: 1.8 - 1770

EZ-Glider Position Control Torque Arm

Secure the assembly process by ensuring that every screw is in the correct location at the right torque with EZ-Glider Position Control torque arms. 



PED & FED Torque Control System for Electric Screwdriving

The screw tightening control system with real-time monitoring and control of screw tightening torque and process.