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E-DRIV® MD-Series DC Torque Control System

MD-Series DC Torque Control System


The DC control tool is a reliable torque and automation fastening system engineered for precise, accurate and repeatable torque control. The high performance torque fastening system allows manufacturers to optimize the assembly area, reduce labor costs and increase productivity. The digital screwdriver system features a built-in error-proofing data and screw counter. Multiple fastening strategies can be implemented for sensitive and/or difficult assembly joints. Increase productivity as one tool can be programmed to do the job of multiple conventional tools; saving time, maintenance cost, space & training. 

  DC Electric Fastening System for Torque Automation
  RoHS CE    NRTL      



Key Benefits

Productivity   Increase productivity with one tool instead of 2 - 8 tools. Provides a consistent repeatable process control and eliminates potential variations.
Flexibility   Easy integration into production line. Rapid reconfiguration for new production projects.
ROI   Optimum asset utilization. Tooling expense delivers favorable return of investment.
Quality   Traceability and error-proofing. Real time monitoring. Swiss DC servo motor provides precise, accurate and repeatable torque control.
I/O Interface   Digital I/O signals for communication with external devices such as PLC
Controller   Up to 15 process sequences with 10 program steps.
Memory   Collect and save all fastening data on SD memory card.
  Fastening torque data analysis (Standard Deviation, Mean, Average, CP, CPK ) with TPM (Torque Process Monitoring) Touch Screen accessory option.

DC Torque Control System

In-Line Screwdrivers
Pistol Grip Screwdrivers
Right Angle Screwdrivers
Robotic Screwdrivers



MD-Series DC Control In-Line Screwdriver   MD-Series DC Control Right Angle Screwdriver    MD-Series DC Control Robotic Screwdriver   MD-Series DC Control Pistol Grip Screwdriver     MD-Series DC Torque Controller
 In-Line    Right Angle    Robotic    Pistol Grip    DC Controller


Key Features of DC Torque Control System

Electric Screwdrivers (DC servo motor)

  • Various models that range from 0.08 - 434
  • Swiss DC servo motor provides precise, accurate and repeatable torque control.
  • Low maintenance with an extended life cycle.
  • Low inertial force provides smooth reaction-less operation with little G force to assembled parts.
  • Low noise, vibration and maintenance.



Built-in Screw Counter

  • Detection of fastening error and displays error condition.
  • Visual assembly fastener count (count up or down), including total count.
  • Real time monitoring by PC program.
  • Detects - cross threading, omissions, unfinished rundowns and cycle complete.
  • Programmable screw counter settings.
  • 0 to 999 screws




  • Programmable digital torque setting with memory for 15 preset torque settings.
  • Real-time monitoring and torque control of the
    tightening process.
  • Real time torque data and curve display (Torque vs Time, Torque vs Speed, Torque vs Angle).
  • Real time fastening data output (RS-232C, Ethernet communication port).
  • Modbus protocol
  • Selectable speed settings.
  • Programming and monitoring with ParaMON
    (PC software).
  • Programmable multi-sequence operation.
  • Displays error information by code.
  • Maintenance information and history memory. Firmware upgrade by Com port.
  • Fastening data storage with SD card (memory card not  included).
  LCD Display
  • 4.3” Color LCD display with touch screen.
  • Controller is fully programmable via the touch screen.
  • Date & Time.
  • Sequence setting (Preset #).
  • Fastening torque.
  • Fastening process status. Min & Max Angle (OK/NG).
  • Min and Max Angle setting.
  • Torque unit setting.
  • Preset torque setting.
  • Preset speed and actual RPM.
  • Turns and fastening time.
  • Controller warning and alarm system. Signals the status of the controller.
 Preset Parameter Settings
  • Seven selectable units of torque measurements:,, lbf.ft cN.m, N.m,, kgf.m
  • Selectable settings for Torque, Speed, Min & Max Angle, and Soft Start time.
  • Maximum angle control and verification
  • Minimum angle control and error reporting
  Screw Counting Selections
  • Auto
  • Start (Continuous on)
  • Start Pulse with time limit
  • Start Pulse and Finish pulse

I/O Interface & Settings

  • 25P I/O interface to a PLC or 8 direct sensor ports.
  • Sensor ports for preset selection and screw counting.
  • Input via sensor ports for presets.
  • Input / Output for PLC.

Motor Run Time Limits

  • Motor run time limits, forward and reverse.
  • Motor stall time limit.
  • Sleep time.
  • Motor acceleration for soft start.

Output Signal Types

  • Count complete
  • Torque up and Count complete
  • Alarm, screw missing

Data Analysis

  • Fastening torque data analysis (Standard Deviation, Mean, Average, CP, CPK ) with TPM (Torque Process  Monitoring) Touch Screen accessory option.