AD150R64-Q Robotic Electric Spindle Screwdriver

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Designed for robotic and automated torque applications, the AD150R64-Q is a reliable robotic spindle screwdriver system READ MORE

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Item #:
Drive Size:
3/8" Sq. Dr.
86.8 - 434
9.8 - 49 N.m
100 - 500
Tool Length:
Minimum Adjustable RPM Range:
Maximum Adjustable RPM Range:
Designed for robotic and automated torque applications, the AD150R64-Q is a reliable robotic spindle screwdriver system engineered for precise, accurate, and repeatable torque control. The high-performance automation fastening system allows manufacturers to optimize the assembly area, reduce labor costs, and increase productivity. The robotic screwdriver system features built-in error-proofing data and screw counter. Multiple fastening strategies can be implemented for sensitive or difficult assembly joints. Increase productivity as one tool can be programmed to do the job of multiple conventional tools; saving time, maintenance cost, space & training.
    • Robotic spindle style electric screwdriver for automated and fixtured fastening applications.
    • Drivers include a front mounting flange.
    • Electric screwdriver is engineered for automation applications that provide manufactures with a rapid, reliable and precise method of fastening screws.
    • Reduces the production cycle.
    • Production flexibility and rapid reconfiguration for new production projects.
    • Low maintenance with an extended life cycle.
    • Requires ADC-400 Controller
    • Low inertial force provides smooth reaction-less operation with little G force to assembled parts. 
    • Increase productivity with one tool instead of 2 - 15 tools. 
    • Easy integration into production line. Rapid reconfiguration for new production projects.
    • Optimum asset utilization. Tooling expense delivers favorable return of investment.
    • Traceability and error-proofing. Real time monitoring. 
    • ADC Controller has digital I/O signals for communication with external devices such as PLC. 
    • ADC can be programmed with up to 15 process sequences with 15 program steps. Collect and save all fastening data on SD memory card.
    • ADC Controller provides fastening torque data analysis (Standard Deviation, Mean, Average, CP, CPK ).
    • Forward and reverse direction. Start and stop output signals.
    • Certified and documented fastening results. Supplied with free certification.
    • Operate a leaner production environment with flexible, configurable tool set up.
    • Make fastening compliance and documentation easy.
The AD robotic spindle screwdriver is supplied with the standard 3 meter length spindle cable set. The driver cable connects the AD-Series robotic screwdriver to the ADC controller.

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