Bit Socket Tray

Error proofing solution minimizes the risk of errors by automatically selecting correct torque according to the socket or bit selected. Connects to MDC Controllers. It will improve productivity and reduce operator errors. Saves down time by automatically changing program settings for multiple fastening strategies.


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  • A full system will require: 1 Bit Socket tray, 1 SMPS Adapter, 1 Communication I/0 Cable
  • A SMPS Adapter (24VDC 1A) is included with each bit socket tray. You will need an I/O cable (item #310112).
  • If you need a CE cord for the SMPS Adapter (24VDC 1A), you need to order 310110.
  • Additional bit holder inserts can be purchased separately.
    • A preset program or torque setting automatically selected in the MD-Series controller systems once the bit is removed from the bit socket tray.
    • Connects to MDC Controllers.
    • 8 bit or 4 bit holder ports with sensors.
    • Bit Holders Included