ECTD Controllers

Mountz ECT transducerized smart screwdriver systems provide engineers and operations with the latest error-proofing technology that eliminates manufacturing risks and prevents product defects.

Designed for high production and sensitive environments, the ECT drivers are durable and reliable to ensure your assembly process runs smoothly with high-precision torque control.

Combined with built-in screw counters and error-proofing software, Mountz DC control tools offer maximum production results and product oversight. The ECTD control system monitors and controls all aspects of the automation process, from installing error-proofing disciplines to adaptive fastening strategies.

ECT-Series screwdrivers MUST be combined with the ECTD Controller for programming.

ECT drivers offer a torque range suitable for micro, low, and higher torque applications.

All Mountz DC controllers include free product software for programming and analysis - no annual licensing is required.

Optimize Your Assembly Process:

  • The ECT is transducerized - featuring a built-in sensor that continuously measures torque in real-time to collect, record, and store fastening data for analysis.
  • Digital I/O allows interfacing with a machine & PLC interface for line control.
  • Using a smart tool reduces tooling costs and improves operations by optimizing a company’s manufacturing footprint. A single electric screwdriver fastening system can replace up to 15 screwdrivers.
  • The EZ-Glider position control torque arm is an error-proofing system that detects and eliminates costly screw-fastening errors and ensures that every screw is correctly tightened in the correct sequence. Paired with ECT smart screwdrivers, the torque arm adds an extra layer of error-proofing to the fastening process.
  • Mountz ECT screwdrivers are clean room compliant (ISO14644-1 2015 Class 5).
  • NEW - MountzCom III Software: Empower your team to maximize productivity, efficiency, and control of your tools like never before with an improved suite of quality-of-life improvements. Customization meets simplicity with MountzCom III's user role preferences. Tailor access and permissions to individual team members, granting them the right level of control and visibility. Our software ensures that every user experiences a role centered interface, reducing errors in selecting and editing parameters.


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Operates with Transducerized Electric Screwdriver Models: ECT-Series

MountzCom III Software

Maximize the productivity and efficiency of your tools like never before with a suite of process control improvements.

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