E-DRIV® E-Series Electric Screwdrivers

The electric screwdriver is for light duty tightening applications. The assembly tool plugs directly into a power outlet and does not require a separate power supply unit. Ensures accuracy in fastening with precision automatic shut-off clutch once preset torque is achieved. Operates on a duty cycle of 0.5 seconds on and 3.5 seconds off.


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 American Torque Range

 Metric Torque Range

 S.I. Torque Range

Tools Benefits

  • Various models that range from 0.9 - 21.7 lbf.in.
  • Plugs directly into a power outlet. Does not require a separate power supply.
  • Automatic power shut off once torque is achieved.
  • Crafted to rest comfortably in the operators hand and reduces work fatigue with ergonomic handgrip.
  • External torque adjustment scale.
  • Push-to-Start and Lever Models available.
  • Duty cycle tool.
  • 110V and 220V models.
  • Power cord with a noise filter to reduce electronic noise (EMC).
  • Lightweight.