MSP-Series Screw Presenters

Introducing the MSP (Mountz Screw Presenter), a compact and versatile tabletop screw dispensing device designed to streamline assembly processes and enhance productivity in work areas and production cells.

Increase Manufacturing Productivity:

The MSP increases productivity output by automatically presenting screws to a fixed pick-up point, eliminating the inefficiencies associated with traditional methods of manually retrieving screws from bins or shaker trays. Assemblers no longer waste time fumbling with loose screws, as the MSP delivers them seamlessly for immediate use.

By integrating the MSP into your manufacturing workflow, assembly time can be significantly reduced, with estimates suggesting an improvement of up to fifty percent in productivity. This cost-effective solution serves as a viable alternative to bulky and expensive screw feeder systems, offering the same functionality at a fraction of the cost. Upgrade your assembly process with an MSP screw presenter to improve efficiency and streamline operations.


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Screw Presenter requires the use of magnetized bit with the power tool. Need assistance with selecting a screw presenter for your fastening application? Download our selection guide and submit with your request.