Retractor Tool Balancers

The retractor tool balancer is the ultimate companion for assembly power tools. This robust balancer is designed for operators engaged in extended tool usage.

Ergonomics & Safety:

The tool balancer allows a tool to be positioned over the workstation, keeping the tools within reach to maintain productivity. When the operator needs to use it, they pull down, and When the operator lets go, the tool will return automatically to its rest position.

The balancer is commonly used to hold pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic tools. While less expensive than Zero Gravity Tool Balancers, these balancers are limited by the amount of weight they can hold, which is about 10 pounds.

Provide your operators with the ergonomic support they need to enhance productivity. This lightweight, smooth-handling balancer offers unparalleled comfort during tool operation and is designed with a convenient and tension adjustment knob on the side.

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