EZ-Glider Telescoping Torque Arms

The ergonomic torque arms absorb the torque reaction emitted from power tools. The telescoping arms are mounted, collapsible arms capable of holding the weight of a power tool. They have swivel joints, which allow them a free range of motion within the radius of their arm. The telescoping arms are easily installed and highly effective at improving worker health in the long run. They’re an ergonomic solution to one of the most common workplace hazards in manufacturing and assembly: repetitive motion injuries. With the lightweight durable carbon fiber, the torque arm collapses like a telescope. The torque arm is ideal for assembly lines like automotive, aerospace, appliance & electronics, where space is a premium and operator safety is mandatory.


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It is recommended to use a tool balancer with telescoping torque arms. The telescoping arms should not be used at maximum arm reach on a permanent basis.