Crowfoot Spanners

The correct tightening of RF, COAX and SMA Connectors used in RF cabling applications is essential to ensure optimum performance. This is particularly important in high frequency applications using stainless steel or beryllium-copper bodies. Improve control of the fastening process by reducing the risk of a connector from being under and overtightened.


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The spanner connects to torque screwdrivers that have a 1/4" F/Hex drive.
    • Crowfoot spanner allow vertical access to places where conventional torque tools cannot be used.
    • Use in combination with preset and adjustable hand torque screwdrivers.
    • Accurately tightening RF, COAX and SMA connectors with torque screwdrivers. Ensures over or under torque does not occur.
    • Ability to remove connectors without removing the adjacent cables.
    • Designed for small, tight fits.
    • Suitable for most standard sizes of all the major connector manufacturers.