Clean Room Torque Screwdrivers

With the growing trend of clean room manufacturing, the need for torque tools that meet stringent cleanliness requirements has increased. Responding to this manufacturing need, Mountz offers clean room torque screwdrivers. Clean Room screwdriver is a preset torque limiting screwdriver (internally adjustable). The cam-over design prevents overtorquing for your application.


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IFR CRS Models (Impact Free Resetting) - The design action of the standard CRS cammed screwdrivers is such that when the tool reaches its pre-set torque value the mechanism disengages from the drive thus limiting the torque applied. Further rotation of the screwdriver handle resets the mechanism ready for the next torquing operation. The IFR models eliminates any small reaction during resetting.
  • Exceeds Class 100 clean room standards.
  • Special seals prevent contamination.
  • External components are high-grade stainless steel to inhibit any form of corrosion.
  • Special microfiltered internal lubricant.
  • Aluminum handle sealed with PTFE impregnated anodized finish.
  • Tamper-proof internal adjustment. No external adjustment scale - must be preset using a torque analyzer.

The preferred and certified ranges of these tools is in accordance with the requirements of ISO 6789 (+/- 6% of indicated setting).