FG-IFR Preset Torque Screwdrivers

The FG-IFR (Impact Free Resetting) preset screwdrivers preset cam-over torque screwdriver improves process control and productivity. The unique IFR cam design provides a low-impact reset mechanism, which is ideal for assembling shock-sensitive components. It reduces the vibration transmitted in the screw tightening process—ideal for fastening delicate parts such as electronics, plastics, and life-saving medical devices.

  • Low impact poka-yoke torque screwdriver prevents over-torque and vibration on sensitive components
  • Calibration life 4x ISO standards, unmatched by any torque screwdriver
  • Delivers repeatability, traceability and precision for all tightening applications
  • Preset screwdriver ensures that the correct torque value is consistently applied to each fastener
  • Cam-over technology ensures correct torque is applied and eliminates fastener breakage issues
  • Industry leading warranty: 2 years unconditional. Lifetime against defects

Quality-minded engineers can give Mountz FG tools to any operator and have the confidence that he/she will deliver the correct torque, time after time.

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A removable, sliding T-bar is supplied with FG-IFR 40i and 125i models.
    • Torque screwdriver prevents operators from influencing the torque output when tightening fasteners.
    • Accuracy and precision delivered for all fastening applications.
    • Engineered with a cam-over mechanism, the poka-yoke screwdriver prevents over-torque.
    • The FG IFR model is "impact-free resetting" when the cam mechanism resets.
    • Advanced cam-over technology provides a completely smooth reset reducing the risk of users loosening fasteners or breakage.
    • Calibration life 4x ISO standards
    • A unique bearing system eliminates axial load and sideloads on the fastener applied by the operator.
    • Unmatched security of the tamper-proof internal adjustment. No external adjustment scale—must be preset using a torque analyzer.
    • A patented secure bit locking mechanism with a one-touch release can only be activated by the user for greater flexibility of applications and efficiency on the line.
    • Reduced bit wear lowers the incidence of bits falling out, which can slow production or cause product damage.
    • The screwdriver is torque limiting and calibrated in the CW direction only.
    • Ergonomic handles are designed with fewer flutes and larger recesses to make the tools easier to hold, less likely to cause hand fatigue and make drivers easier to clean.
    • Enable quick and error-free tool and torque setting identification with four different color-coding label options.
    • Two-year unlimited warranty.
    • Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.
    • The new design improves serviceability, reduces downtime, and enables the replacement of individual parts to extend the life of your investment.
    • Mountz extensive Cmk testing happened over 20,000 continuous torque readings and is documented in a Mountz-authored technical whitepaper.

The preferred and certified ranges of these tools is in accordance with the requirements of ISO 6789 (+/- 6% of indicated setting).

Learn the testing benefits of Cmk and why this measure is essential when evaluating torque tools. Download the white paper.