TLS-OWC Preset Torque Screwdrivers

The TLS-OWC torque screwdriver is a one-way clutch system is designed for the screwdriver to apply torque in one direction and lockup in the opposite direction for easy screw removal. Ideal for maintenance and refurbishing applications.


9 Products

 American Torque Range

 Metric Torque Range

 S.I. Torque Range

Tools Benefits

  • Various models that range from 5.7 - 120
  • Ideal for maintenance and refurbishing applications.
  • Screwdriver torques in the CW direction only.
  • Tamper-proof internal adjustment. No external adjustment scale - must be preset using a torque analyzer.
  • Four different colored lightweight aluminum handles allow color coding of specific torque values in production areas. (TLS1360 - Black only)
  • The preferred and certified ranges of these tools is in accordance with the requirements of ISO 6789 (+/- 6% of indicated setting).