Dial Wrenches

A dial torque wrench is an essential tool in torque measurement, providing quality control in monitoring and verifying torque. This tool is commonly used to test, audit, and verify torque applied to joints. The dial torque wrench will capture the finishing torque applied to any fastener using the memory pointer.


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  • Accurate torque measurement is crucial to ensure proper mechanical operations. Our innovative dial type torque wrenches offer many features to simplify measuring torque:
  • Memory and fine main pointers provide accurate readings
  • An exclusive, built-in ratchet mechanism
  • Standard double-ended spindle ratchet mechanism allows for left handed torque applications.
  • EDS model fitted with fixed double-end square drive.
  • Mechanical stop with overload protection up to 125% of full scale
  • Recessed dials to minimize breakage
  • Easy identification and tracking with clearly-labeled model and serial numbers
  • Standard torque indicating signal lights on CDS, DDS, and EDS models.
  • ESD-compliance on all ADS models
  • Our dial torque wrenches are designed with a unique, recessed dial, which helps to minimize display damage.
  • Featuring a lightweight aluminum handle, this durable wrench isn't length dependent, and it offers a variety of unique specifications
  • Dual scale in American and S.I. units. Single scale models available upon request
  • Attractive abrasive-resistant finish for improved identification and lifespan.
  • These wrenches are essential tools for both measuring torque and tightening screws.

The preferred and certified ranges of these tools is in accordance with the requirements of ISO 6789 (+/- 6% of indicated setting).