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Testing of Various Suspension Bolts with Hand Torque Multiplier



A manufacturer of heavy-duty trailer suspensions was looking for an option to verify torque and tension on suspension bolts used on current products and on new products that were in development. The manufacturer was experiencing quality control issues, which were causing production delays and rework expenses. Upon further investigation, the quality control manager traced the issued back to improper torque control being the root cause of the problem. The quality control manager started seeking solutions.

The manufacturer needed the capabilities to check up to around 1,000 foot-pounds, but the quality control manager also wanted a torque tool that did not require their testing technicians to pull the full 1,000 foot-pounds of force. He was seeking a tool with low energy input with a high torque output to help reduce any technicians suffering from potential work-related injuries.

Based upon previous experience of using Mountz torque tools, the quality control manager contacted Mountz Inc. After reviewing the application with the quality control manager, Mountz offered a couple solutions to resolve the manufacturer's torque issue. The quality control manager selected the Mountz hand torque multiplier as the only option to resolve their critical torque application issue.

The R&D department of the manufacturer decided to set-up an testing area for the suspension bolts using the Mountz torque hand multiplier. The hand torque multiplier gave them the ability to test the higher torque values without the technician having to apply the full force needed to pull a torque wrench. The gearing design of the hand torque multiplier allows for a high torque output with minimal input.

Selecting the right heavy torque tool for the job is crucial when it comes to turning nuts and bolts. Otherwise, you could outdo yourself and strip threads, break bolt heads or even cause personal injury. Only Mountz torque multipliers provide precision torque control, making it easier and often safer to assemble and service-threaded fasteners while reducing application problems and tool costs.

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