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About Mountz and MountzPro

MountzPro is a division of Mountz, Inc., the nation's leading ISO 9001 registered and ISO 17025 accredited torque tool supplier. Here at Mountz, Inc. we are also car lovers, and we want automotive professionals and enthusiasts everywhere to have the very best automotive torque wrenches possible at the right price.

Our award winning wrenches at MountzPro are made to deliver the high quality precision and accuracy we offer with our torque wrenches here at Mountz. These wrenches are guaranteed to give you the right torque every time.




With our True Dial Scale Automotive Torque Wrench, there's no fumbling around to adjust the torque setting between two different scales, because our wrench is fully calibrated in both scales. Learn more about this cutting edge wrench.

dual scale wrench

Our Digital Flex Head Automotive Torque Wrench comes with technology-assisted precision, sporting a digital display of torque readings, plus visual, acoustic and sensory signals that alert you once the pre-set torque is reached. Learn more about this handy tool.

Digitial Flex head

No matter if you use torque tools on the job, in your spare time, or even both, Mountz and MountzPro together have you covered.

Are you an car enthusiast who has put in hours of hard work into perfecting your ride? MountzPro wants to showcase your ride in our Online Car show! Submit a picture of your ride for the chance to win prizes, and to take the title of Best in Show!