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TLS Pro Screwdriver Prevents Fastening Failures

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The TLS Pro torque screwdriver allows any user to deliver the correct torque with confidence regardless of the fastening application and operator skill level. The preset torque screwdriver is ideal for production applications where over-torque conditions are not tolerated.

The new TLS Pro series by Mountz is the next generation preset torque screwdriver. These new tools are an upgrade to the reliable and trusted Mountz cam-over torque screwdriver technology. The screwdrivers were engineered to enhance the user experience during the fastening process. The new screwdriver offers the same performance, same quality, same torque results as the old dependable TLS screwdriver. The new modern design of the TLS PRO improves the durability and the ergonomic experience for the assembly operator. Making a safer world through accuracy and precision is the core purpose at Mountz.

Have you seen the new TLS Pro preset torque screwdrivers in action? Mountz sales representatives are trained and equipped to provide product demonstrations at your facility. Request an appointment.

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