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Vacuum Accessories


Vacuum adapters kits can be mounted on an electric screwdriver. The screwdriver is fitted with a suction head that holds the screw on the bit, enabling the operator to pick it up with the tool itself. This is an effective, time saving device that works with most fasteners.


Vacuum Adapter Kits

  • Mounts easily to electric torque  screwdrivers.
  • Accepts different size screws and various length fasteners.
  • Allows quick-change set-up at a low cost.
  • Mounts with threaded torque nut. The driver remains externally adjustable while allowing semi-automatic pickup of non-ferrous fasteners.
  • Plug driver into vacuum supply or chose the Vacuum Ejector.
  • Mouthpiece and bit purchased separately.
Item # Fits Driver Models
 144318 CL2000, SS2000*
 144319 A4500, A5000, CL3000, CL4000, SS3000,  SS4000*
 144322 A6500, CL6000, CL6500, CL7000, SS6500, SS7000*
 144345 BL3000*
 144338 BL5000*
 144346 BL7000*
 144356 VB1510, VB1820, VB3012, VB4504, VZ1820, VZ3012, VZ4506
 145612 BF060, BF080, BF120, EF080, EF120, EF180
 145653 BF035, BF045, EF035, EF040. EF055
 061012 K250, K350, K450
 145971 NFA-Series**
 145972 NF150 & 220**
 145973 NF450**
 145864 NF-Series***

* ESD models available upon request.
** These vacuum adapters can only be used for NF * NFA-Series tools with with serial numbers 1501080106 onwards.
*** This vacuum adapter can only be used for NF-Series tools with serial numbers previous than 1501080071. 

Note! - Download the Mountz vacuum system request form and submit with your request.

(Sold Separately from the Vacuum Adapter Kit)

Standard mouthpieces are manufactured of stainless steel, unless specified. The following items are required for Mountz to design a mouthpiece to fit your application.


Modification Requirements

1. Electric screwdriver model.
2. Torque Setting
3. Drive Size
4. Bit style and length
5. Fastener samples need to be submitted
6. Any special requirements, i.e. space restrictions

EJECT-TORR (Vacuum Ejector)

  • A complete kit that converts present shop lines into a vacuum system for fasteners.
  • The EJECT-TORR is small, light and easier to mount than conventional vacuum pumps.
  • No vacuum tanks and complicated piping are required.
  • The EJECT-TORR is vibration-free and produces comparatively little noise

Model: ET-10HR
Nozzle Dia. .038”
Vacuum Flow (SCFM) (0” HG): 0.88
Achieved Vacuum: 26.7
Air Compression (SCFM): 1.60
Weight: 3 oz.
Item # 144314


Mountz Vacuum System Request Form

Need assistance with selecting a vacuum adapter system for your electric torque screwdriver? Download the Mountz vacuum system request form and submit with your request.