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Special Engineering Services


Mountz Special Engineering Services
Providing every customer with just right torque tool for the job is our mission. For those difficult and unique torque applications that a require torque tool or unique bit that are not standard  products, Mountz offers engineering services to design a custom solution for your torque application.

With over 50 years of torque experience, let the Mountz engineer and design team solve your torque problem(s)  and provide you with a reliable torque solution.

Solutions that Mountz special engineering services has developed for customers:

Application # 1
Problem:  A medical manufacturer  of fluidic components such as syringes and catheters needed a solution that allowed their assemblers to tighten the end cap of the syringes to a specified torque, without damaging the cap.

Solution:  Mountz Engineering team designed  a special cap-tightening head for a small break-over torque wrench that featured a soft grip material, which did not damage plastic caps of the syringes. The spring loaded design allowed the wrench head to fit around syringe cap snuggly as the assemblers tightened the caps on.

Application # 2
Problem:  A manufacturer of adhesive attached standoffs for the aerospace industry needed to test the bond strength for their "standoff" product to meet the aircraft standards, without damaging their standoffs.

Solution: Mountz Engineering team designed  multiple special  adapters that could be placed on the end of  a Mountz break-over torque wrench for the various standoffs that the manufacturer produced. The adapters securely fitted on the standoffs and prevented the items from being damaged during the testing process. The Mountz engineering solution allowed the manufacturer to securely  perform their adhesive and bond breaking tests during their quality control testing  process.

When you have a unique torque requirement, ask about our special engineering services to help design a quality, reliable torque solution for your need.

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