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Torque Multipliers Rentals


Torque Multipliers the Affordable Way

Torque Multipliers are the ideal solution for true torque control, speed, power, physical ease, silence and safety. You can now Rent the Mountz Torque Multipliers.

  • Only need a torque multiplier for short term period.
  • Ideal way to have a back-up tool for a short term project.
  • No requirements to capitalize purchase - retain capital for reinvestment in business opportunities.
  • Complete write off for a business expense - purchasing has varying percentages.
  • Reduced financial outlay with no hidden costs.
  • Rent to own option offers an equity position.

Pneumatic & Electric Torque Multipliers vs. Impact Wrenches

  • Smooth Continuous Rotation
  • Deliver accurate preset torque
  • Eliminate frequently costly repairs
  • Remove vibration and hammering

Pneumatic & Electric Torque Multipliers vs. Hydraulic Wrenches

  • Eliminate slow ratcheting process
  • Increase speed and productivity
  • Compact and lightweigh
  • Safer low air pressure lines

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Hand Multipliers

Ideal for applications where air and electricity aren’t easily accessible.


Pneumatic Multipliers

Precision tightening. Torque control is obtained with an air pressure regulator and shuts off once torque is achieved.


Electric Multipliers 

Increase speed and productivity. The speed, frequency and torque correspondingly regulated and controlled with a built-in controller.


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