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Cam-Over Torque Wrenches Reduce Fastening Failures

Posted by Mountz Torque August 22nd, 2014 0 Comments   
Cam Over Torque Wrenches

Fasteners and bolts are commonly used to securely clamp two or more items together. Although these components seem like a small part of the design and assembly process, it shouldn’t minimize their importance. Improperly tightening fasteners can unknowingly cause catastrophic or latent failures. Lack of torque control for fastening applications has caused wheel detachment on vehicles, failures with life saving medical instruments and prevented electronic devices from functioning.

Investigating failures in the fastening process is costly and time-consuming. Common elements that can be attributed to fastening failures are:

1. Failure of improper torque control: under tightening and over tightening a fastener
2. Selecting the incorrect torque tool for the fastening application
3. Improper design and torque specification
4. Lack of torque testing for joint relaxation in fastened joints
5. A non-calibrated torque tool is used for the fastening application

The technology used in a cam-over wrench prevents fastening failures and ensures proper torque control. The Mountz cam-over torque wrenches are designed to provide reliable and precise torque control for bolting applications that do not tolerate over-torque conditions. Improper torque control increases manufacturing costs and delays. Using a cam-over wrench removes the operator influence out of the fastening process and offers precision and repeatable torque results.

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Six Tips for Establishing a Quality Torque Control Program

Posted by Mountz Torque August 14th, 2014 0 Comments   
Quality Torque Control Program

In the manufacturing and assembly world, tightening, controlling, and measuring torque are imperative for production efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs. A fastener inadequately tightened can vibrate or work loose: conversely, if the tension is too high, the fastener can snap or strip its threads. Faced with these problems, manufacturers are realizing that precise torque control can spell the difference between a safe, reliable, and economical product and complete disaster. A quality torque program helps increase productivity, reduce rejection rates and make the assembly worker’s jobs easier.

Anybody who has to tighten a threaded fastener and needs to control, monitor, or measure torque needs sophisticated torque tools. If manufacturers want to save money, make their workplace safer, enhance product quality, or reduce their exposure to liability; only specialized high-quality torque tools will get the job done properly.

1. The Importance of Torque Control
The reliability of machine parts subjected to fluctuating loads and stress depends on the fatigue strength of the materials. A threaded fastener, however, relies upon an elastic interaction between the mating components. Its objective is to clamp parts together with a tension greater than any external force trying to separate them. The bolt then remains under almost constant stress and is immune to fatigue. If the initial bolt tension is too low, the fluctuating load in the shank in much greater and it will quickly fail. Reliability, therefore, depends on correct initial tension and is ensured by specifying and controlling the tightening torque.

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Installing Heli-Coil Screw Thread Inserts with a Power Tool

Posted by Mountz Torque August 7th, 2014 0 Comments   
heli-coil insert installation power tool

Heli-Coil screw thread inserts are common component used for a variety of automotive, military, communication, industrial and aerospace assembly applications. When installed into a heli-coil tapped hole, a heli-coil insert provides permanent conventional internal screw threads that accommodate any standard fastener or bolt.

Using heli-coil inserts for parts that may require frequent maintenance is beneficial for maintaining the internal screw threads integrity. The inserts reduce the chances of stripping out the internal threads. Performing routine maintenance and repairing parts for automobiles, aircrafts, appliances, lamps or printing presses is tedious work. Often it requires screws or bolts to be untightened and retightened. Overtime, the repetition of the maintenance process can easily cause the threads to be worn out making it difficult to fasten parts back together. Installing heli-coil screw thread inserts will help make this process easier. There is a variety of insert types available to meet any threaded fastening needs and often available in both inch and metric options.

Installing a heli-coil insert into part can be done manually or with a power tool. For high volume production applications, using a power tool is essential. It cannot be any power tool either. A tool that provides precision torque control should be used for installing the heli-coil inserts.

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Precise & Powerful Torque Multipliers with IP54 Protection

Posted by Mountz Torque July 10th, 2014 0 Comments   
Electric Torque Multiplier

The EFCip electric torque multipliers are built to increase joint accuracy and integrity. In industries that demand leak-free joints or preventing bolting failures, the philosophy of “getting it right the first time” should be adopted by all industries. The ability to properly and securely fasten joints such as flanges with gaskets is important for critical applications where leakage or rupturing of the connection can have disastrous, costly or environmental implications.

Built to withstand harsh, demanding bolting applications, the EFCip electric torque multiplier provides convenience and power. Selecting the right heavy torque tool for the job is crucial. When it comes to turning nuts and bolts, especially stubborn corroded ones, what could be more basic than power? A torque multiplier is a simple tool and concept. The gearing inside enables small amounts of input to produce large amounts of torque output. The electric multiplier improves worker safety, efficiency and productivity by ensuring threaded bolts and fasteners are properly tightened.

Featuring a high performance brushless motor design that enhances durability and reduces the standard maintenance costs the electric torque multipliers are a cost efficient fastening solution. The EFCip tool features an IP54 classification, which protects the tool against dirt, dampness and spattered water.

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Organize & Automate the Assembly Process with a Screw Presenter

Posted by Mountz Torque June 12th, 2014 0 Comments   
Screw Presenters

Screw presenters make assemblers and the assembly process more efficient by mechanically presenting a screw to a fixed pick up point. The small and compact MSP screw presenter is designed to organize and automate work areas and production cells. These tabletop feeders can be used in combination with most any assembly application and power tool.

The MSP device is a simple machine to operate. The fasteners are poured into the hopper of the screw presenter and automatically line up for dispensing. This simple mechanism allows trouble-free operation, eliminating jammed or stuck screws. The screws are aligned along the screw-feeding rail with one fastener exposed and sitting in the bit guide. Once the bit of the power assembly tool engages with the screw head and the fastener is removed, then another screw automatically dispenses to the bit guide and is ready for an easy pick-up. No fumbling with screws.

Conventional assembly methods cause assemblers to inefficiently fumble with screws that are stored in bins or shaker trays. Fumbling isn’t just a football occurrence. Daily, assembly operators using power tools fumble around picking up screws from bins and slowly align the fasteners onto a bit. The constant repetition of picking-up and fumbling around with hundreds and hundreds of screws on a daily basis impacts productivity and costs. It’s an unnecessary expense and an inefficient process. And, a potential health hazard if fasteners are dropped and left on the floor, allowing an opportunity for an individual to slip and fall. The MSP screw presenter eliminates these potential issues and improves the assembly process.

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