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Tips for Selecting an Adjustable Torque Screwdriver

Posted by Mountz Torque April 16th, 2014 0 Comments   
Adjustable Torque Screwdriver

Finding the proper hand torque screwdriver for your torque application may seem like a daunting and confusing process at times. There are many, many options to choose from when selecting a torque screwdriver. Which tool truly fits my fastening application? That’s the key question you are looking to answer.

When you are unsure of the various differences between screwdrivers, selecting the low cost tool option is the easiest choice. It’s an easy justification. If the torque tool is not adequate or fails, the excuse of …”oh well, the tool didn’t require much investment”… is our acceptable rationalization.

Taking the time to educate yourself and understanding the various torque screwdriver options available is worth the investment. How critical is torque for your fastening application? A lack of torque control with a communications satellite or a cell tower can be a costly mistake. Obviously with an automobile, aircraft or missile, the failure to properly tighten a fastener or bolt to the correct torque specification can have potential catastrophic results. Therefore, is a quality torque screwdriver worth your investment?

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Stop Fumbling with Screws

Posted by Mountz Torque March 26th, 2014 0 Comments   
Screw Presenters

Conventional assembly methods cause assemblers to inefficiently fumble with screws that are stored in bins or shaker trays. Fumbling isn’t just a football occurrence. Daily, assembly operators using power tools fumble around picking up screws from bins and slowly align the fasteners onto a bit. In an attempt to grab one fastener at a time, several screws often stick to the operator’s fingers. Screws can easily be dropped across a workstation or fumbled to the ground. Smaller the fastener is, the more extensive the challenge becomes for an operator to efficiently pick-up a screws from a bin and perform the fastening process in a timely, productive manner.

The constant repetition of picking-up and fumbling around with hundreds and hundreds of screws on a daily basis impacts productivity and costs. It’s an unnecessary expense and an inefficient process. And, a potential health hazard if fasteners are dropped and left on the floor, allowing an opportunity for an individual to slip and fall.

Using a screw presenter during the fastening process is a productive option to consider. A tabletop screw presenter is typically small and compact. It is used to organize and automate work areas and production cells. Screw presenters make assemblers and the assembly process more efficient by mechanically presenting a screw to a fixed pick up point. These feeders can be used in combination with most any assembly application and power tool. Alternative methods of presenting a screw are cumbersome and very expensive. 

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New Online Virtual Car Show – “At the Track”

Posted by Mountz Torque February 28th, 2014 0 Comments   
New Online Virtual Car Show

MountzPro® launches “At the Track“, a new daily “car show” blog. The new online virtual car show allows all car enthusiasts to share and display pictures of their car and how they’ve modified their ride. It’s a show for classic cars, muscle cars, exotic cars, supercars, trucks, motorcycles and everyday cars, all in one.

MountzPro invites all car enthusiasts to submit pictures of their “ride”.  Once an enthusiast submits a photograph and written description, he or she competes in a quarterly “Best in Show” contest for a cash prize. Readers can  vote for “Best in Show” and post comments on individual cars. Enthusiasts think they have the best looking car on the block, but how does it match up against the rest of the world? They can share their ride and see how the community votes and express their opinions.

MountzPro, a new division of the nearly 50-year-old Mountz, Inc., focuses exclusively on the automotive professionals market. MountzPro has recently introduced an innovative automotive torque wrench designed to address the shortcomings associated with the typical torque wrench.

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Detect and Prevent Fastening Errors

Posted by Mountz Torque February 19th, 2014 0 Comments   

Counting screws is not the new song title from the rock band “Counting Crows.” Screw counting is a quality control process utilized in the manufacturing environment. Tightening hundreds and hundreds fasteners daily, assembly operators can forget to fasten some screws here or there during the monotonous routine. For complex fastening regimes with multiple screws on fast moving assembly lines, often fasteners may not always be installed and seated properly. These are common symptoms that plague many manufactures. How to get it right the first time?

The goal of the screw counting process is to ensure that all fasteners are accounted for during the assembly process. Further a fastening error is identified on the assembly line, the more it costs in rework time and expenses. If a fastening error is committed and detected during the assembly process, the operator can correct it or prevent the faulty product from moving along the manufacturing line or being shipped out to a customer.

A screw counter helps manufacturers detect and eliminate costly screw-fastening errors during the assembly process. Using a screw counter is like putting the eyes and ears of a quality control manager where they are needed most – right in the assembly area.

The new BLG-BC1 Series by Mountz, Inc. is an unique electric screwdriver, as it features a built-in screw counter. Whereas most screw counting systems require an external device be connected to the electric torque screwdriver. The BLG-BC1 doesn’t. This power tool verifies that all fasteners have been installed and seated properly.

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Remote Power

Posted by Mountz Torque February 5th, 2014 0 Comments   
Torque Multiplier

Pipelines that stretch across miles and miles of vast open, remote land transporting liquids and gases require maintenance. Deep below the surface in an underground mining operation, large industrial vehicles or tools require routine maintenance. The large bolts used to securely join sections of pipes and valves together or used with mining vehicles require torque control and power to tightening and untightening these bolts.

Access to power for these locations might not be easily accessible like a power outlet at your home or an air compressor inside a maintenance shop. Remote power is needed. Power for remote locations. A hand torque multiplier is the torque solution. No electricity or air is required to operate the tool. Only the hand multiplier and a torque wrench are needed for the maintenance technician to loosen and retighten threaded fasteners, nuts or bolts.

The gearing design of hand torque multiplier allows for high torque output with minimal input from an operator. A torque wrench is placed into the input drive end of the torque multiplier. A socket and reaction device are used on the other end where the square drive is located. These hand tools feature a torque multiplication ratio, which is different for each tool model and brand. The technician pulls the torque wrench and applies force. The torque output is multiplied by the hand multiplier tool. Requiring less effort and strain for the technician.

The HG hand torque multipliers offered by Mountz are engineered for enduring performance. Mountz offers various hand torque multiplier models with a maximum torque capacity up to 36,800 foot-pounds, satisfying the requirements of even the most demanding MRO applications. Some models include a strong (anti-wind-up) ratchet, allowing jobs to be completed efficiently and safely.

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