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Torque Analyzers and Sensors

If torque tools slip out of calibration, that could impact the quality of your products.

Torque Screwdrivers

From better product quality to a lower cost of asset ownership to guaranteed regulatory compliance, you can have it all with Mountz torque screwdrivers.

Torque Wrenches

Versatile, accurate, and reliable, Mountz hand torque wrenches can be depended on for even the most critical fastening applications and are perfect for applications where compressed air and electric power can’t reach.

Torque Multipliers

Mountz torque multipliers make tough nuts easy to crack.

Power Assembly Tools

In order to keep up with modern production demands, you need tools that are faster, smarter, more accurate, and more powerful than ever before.

Bits, Sockets and Adapters

High-quality bits, sockets, and adapters keep your tools working longer and more effectively.

Production Aids

Mountz production aids help assembly companies lower costs, enhance process control, improve quality, minimize liability, and provide ergonomic solutions for workers.


Support features and tool accessories make Mountz torque tools even more versatile.

Error Proofing Aids & Tools

At Mountz, we understand that some manufacturers have zero tolerance for failure.