A Time to Say Thanks

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Thanksgiving 2016

I can’t comment about Thanksgiving without first making reference to the election. No partisan commentary just a reminder that it was a crazy, tiresome election period that lacked mature discourse or positive example. Our news media had us on edge worried that the sky was falling and that tomorrow would be a disaster.

After such a startling result, people need time to celebrate, to grieve, to transition and to come together. The orderly, respected and sacred tradition of transferring power in our country makes us unique and is a blessing to our country as it shows civility and pride in our government. This occurs every time the Commander-In-Chief transitions. Some may not like the result of the election, but our leadership follows a time-tested tradition. It restores hope and confidence in our country, despite anxiety and worry.

Our President, while very important, is a public servant to the People. To me, above all else – it is our People that matter. All People. Our communities, big or small, where we reside, work or worship, each of us sets a personal example to those around us throughout actions.

This is a great segue to Thanksgiving, a time to be thankful and gracious in spirit, a time to celebrate gifts and blessings through gatherings, meals and traditions. To me, Thanksgiving is a holiday that gives us hope.

At our small company (we have 77 team members) People matter. In fact, what we care about is what our People and our Customers care about. Employees, customers, customers of our customer, vendors & those in our community are all critical to our success, and we must be diligent in our attention to their needs.

How do we show this? Through our Core Purpose and Values that our People have developed to make the world a better place through our products, services and actions.

Mountz Core Values – Care About People

  • We respect diversity and different opinions.
  • We cherish our customers
  • We value and develop people.
  • We listen, encourage and work as a team.
  • We are respectful and courteous.
  • We are passionate and committed.
  • We encourage hard work.
  • We are transparent in our dealings with others.
  • We focus on continuous improvement.
  • We have fun.

We will celebrate Thanksgiving with lunch together, much of it prepared by our team. We will take time to eat, drink and enjoy each other – a diversity of men, women and cultures with over seven different spoken languages, many varying job responsibilities, interests and political views. We will give thanks to each other and all who support us. It will be awesome! Because we are an Awesome Team!

We will hold our turkey drive before Thanksgiving that includes a donation of turkeys to each employee and for those in our community in need. Our employees will pile into trucks or vans and deliver them to shelters, churches and outreach programs. We do it because we can and because we care about people.

The holiday’s can be stressful. For sure that is true. But they can also be a time of reflection and renewal and thankfulness.

For all of us at Mountz and Mr. Metric, I want to thank you for your support of our business, now in its 51st year. Happy Thanksgiving!


Brad Mountz
President & CEO
Mountz Inc.


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