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Adjusting the Rail Guide of a MSP Screw Presenter


The MSP screw presenter is a simple machine to operate. The fasteners are poured into the hopper of the screw presenter and automatically line up for dispensing. This simple mechanism allows trouble-free operation, eliminating jammed or stuck screws. The screws are aligned along the screw-feeding rail with one fastener exposed and sitting in the bit guide.

The flexible MSP screw presenter is adjustable screw feeding device. These models can be adjusted to accommodate different screw sizes. No need to change or purchase additional rails. The rail guide is located inside the heart of the machine. It can be adjusted along with bit guide system (see Mountz product data sheet to view the exact screw size range for each MSP model). The video above provides tips for adjusting the rail guide section of the MSP screw presenter.

If you require further technical support for adjusting the rail guide, please call our support staff at 888-925-2763 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

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