Hand Multipliers: The Perfect Tool for Fastening Heavy Bolts in the Field

Perfect for service applications, Mountz hand torque multipliers bring power to where your workers need it most. Since they don’t rely on electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic power, hand torque multipliers are great tools for heavy fieldwork. Their small size, light weight, and durable construction make them convenient for field techs to carry, and their strength—up to 36,880 lbf.ft of precisely controlled torque—ensures that your workers can tackle any job. Useful in automotive, heavy machinery, petrochemical, power generation, mining, boring, and shipping, Mountz hand torque multipliers provide maximum capability with minimal investment.


Ideal tools for applications where air and electricity aren’t easily accessible. Torque ranges: 0 - 36,880 lbf.ft


Low cost solution manual tool. Ideal for wheel nuts & remote locations. Torque ranges: 0 - 2000 lbf.ft