Bits, Sockets, and Adapters: Complete Your Toolkit

High-quality bits, sockets, and adapters keep your tools working longer and more effectively. Mountz bits are designed for wear-resistance and elasticity so you know they will last a long time. Precision-engineered for accuracy, Mountz sockets and adapters fit your tools perfectly, ensuring they reliably deliver the right amount of torque. Built to endure, Mountz sockets and adapters stand up to the strain of years in the toolbox. For longevity, dependability, and value, you can trust Mountz.


In high-volume or heavy-duty manufacturing, low-quality bits can break down after a day or even less.


Since a damaged or misproduced socket can throw off your wrench or break and harm an employee, choosing the right socket manufacturer can improve your process control and productivity.


These handy tool accessories let you to connect various square drive size tools with different size sockets.


Equipping your assembly or service workers with Mountz nutsetters can have a serious impact on your work capacity.

Bit Holders

On the job site and on the factory floor, workers trust Mountz bit holders and retainers to help them reach difficult screws.