Power Assembly Tools: Bringing Productivity and Precision to the Factory Floor

In order to keep up with modern production demands, you need tools that are faster, smarter, more accurate, and more powerful than ever before. Mountz answers that demand from the heart of Silicon Valley with a full line of innovative electric and pneumatic power tools and automation systems. With intuitive Mountz tool controllers, complex multi-pass assemblies become simple and your production speed will skyrocket. Quality control and regulatory compliance can be streamlined with real-time error proofing and time stamped documentation. From the simplest repairs to the most technical manufacturing projects and everything in between, Mountz power tools stand out from the crowd.

Electric Screwdrivers

Electric torque screwdrivers are designed with precision torque control. Variety of models available.

Air Screwdrivers

High performance oil free motor design delivers torque control with power and speed. Soft texture ergonomic grip.

Pulse Tools

Provide durability, power and speed for industrial assembly applications ranging from 4-450 N.m covering bolt sizes M5-M20. Designed for safe, reaction free operation.

DC Control Tools

Reliable torque & automation fastening system engineered for precision accuracy.

Automation Screwdrivers

Automation tool systems improve productivity and efficiency. Repeatable torque control.

Torque Arms

Designed to improve production and quality control during the assembly process. Prevents side loading or cross threading.

Tool Balancers

Tools can be positioned over the work station for comfortable operation. Offering models that cover from 1.1 - 264 lbs.

Screw Counter

Prevents screw fastening errors. Detects - cross threading, omissions, unfinished rundowns and cycle complete.

Screw Presenters

A high precision, yet inexpensive table top screw-feeder designed to enhance productivity.

Pneumatic Tool Accessories

Accessories that are compatible with air screwdrivers.

Power Tool Accessories

Accessories that are compatible with electric screwdrivers.