Click Wrenches

Durability and Reliability

For quality torque control at a price, equip your shop or factory with Mountz click wrenches.

Strong, durable, and reliable, our click wrenches deliver the power you need to tighten any bolt. Your users will know when they've reached the sweet spot when they hear the audible click. This error-proofing feature enhances process control and product quality by helping to prevent over- or under-torqued bolts, reducing product and repair defects.

Click wrenches are a cost-effective solution for various industrial fastening applications and are available in preset and adjustable models.

Adjustable click wrenches are better for dynamic production and repair situations where your team needs to use the same wrench on several different-sized bolts.

Mountz click wrenches have been trusted in the factory and the field for over 58 years.