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Benefits an Economical Brushless Electric Screwdriver


The LF-Series is an economical brushless electric torque screwdriver. The durable power tool features a Swiss Maxon brushless motor design. A brushless motor provides an extremely long operating life and extends the intervals between routine maintenance schedules. Electric screwdrivers with brushless motors have low maintenance requirements and eliminate the need for replacing the common expendable parts associated with non-brushless screwdrivers such as carbon brushes, rotors, switches and other contact points.

The LF screwdriver models are available in "Push-to-Start" or "Lever-Start" configurations with various models covering a torque range capacity of 0.8 to 15.6 inch-pounds. Maximize the benefits of operating an economical brushless electric screwdriver in your manufacturing facility. Improve your fastening process while reducing maintenance intervals and costs. Request a quote.

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