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Ergonomic Torque Arm Reduces Assembly Injuries


Power tools generally produce unwanted torque reaction that transfers over to an assembler's hand. Over time, the daily assembly process will expose operators to repetitive stress injuries. Tools that operate at high speeds increase risk factors.

The Mountz EZ-Glider torque arm is designed to reduce RMI (repetitive motion injury) and CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome). The torque arm is built to absorb the reaction that's generated when a power tool shuts-off. The arm prevents side load and cross-threading, by securely clasping the electric screwdriver or pneumatic screwdriver and keeping the tool in proper alignment. The device helps remove the operator's influence in the assembly process and strengthens quality control.

Injuries caused by repetitive work and overusing the arm can occur in daily manufacturing work activities. Protect your employees and your bottom line. Reduce potential risk factors and improve your assembly process. To learn more about the Mountz ergonomic solutions, check out our torque arm selection.

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