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NF-Series High Performance Electric Screwdriver


The NF-Series electric torque screwdriver are the best-in-class and represents a major advance in design and engineering. The electric driver delivers accuracy, sound ergonomics, durability and versatility for most industrial assembly applications. Built for high production environments, the NF-Series tools feature a high performance Swiss Maxon brushless motor design, which reduces the standard maintenance costs associated with most electric screwdrivers.

The NF screwdriver is ESD certified, ensuring less than 1 Ohm at the bit tip. ESD management in power tools will ensure product quality, cost savings and a reduction in overall ESD failures. Mountz offers various NF-Series models that range from 2.6 - 39 lbf.in, along with selectable options for different fastening application requirements.

Reduce overall assembly failures. Select a durable, quality electric torque screwdriver for your torque application. Need assistance selecting the proper power tool? Contact us and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.