The IPT is a preset click wrench (internally adjustable) that ensures a reliable tightening process. A preset click wrench securely prevents an operator from either incidentally or intentionally tamper with a tool's torque setting. The cost effective click wrenches are durable and robust for a wide variety of industrial fastening applications. The wrench features a ratcheting head style and is built with high quality materials. Low repair frequency and less repair costs. Ideal for production environments.


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The IPT Torque Adjusting Set Key is required to adjust the internal torque setting for models: IPT 18 - IPT 250 models. (A 3mm allen key, extension bar, and a ratchet wrench or handle are needed to adjust the internal torque setting for models: IPT 369 - IPT 885 models)

Tools Benefits

  • Durable and robust for industrial fastening applications.
  • Preset click wrench with a square drive. Bi-directional ratchet head.
  • Tamper-proof internal adjustment. No external adjustment scale - must be preset using a torque analyzer. Requires Torque Adjusting Key (sold separately).
  • Crafted with strong steel shaft with high corrosion resistance.
  • Lightly knurled non-slip grip.
  • 48 tooth ratchet.
  • Positive click can be heard and felt when torque is reached.
  • The preferred and certified ranges of these tools is in accordance with the requirements of ISO 6789 (+/- 4% of indicated setting).