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Pulse Tool Setup Tips: Connecting Tool to an Air Line


The Flex Power pulse tools by Mountz are designed to enhance quality through precision torque control. But if the tool is not set up correctly, the pulse tool will not operate properly. Here are some quick tips for connecting a pulse tool to an airline. Be sure to use the proper air fitting and air hose size as stated for each pulse tool model. Teflon tape is needed when installing the air fitting. Always use the proper air hose length for the pulse tool. The length of an air hose shall not exceed 5 meters from the airline or the air pressure will reduce, which impacts the torque setting.

Use a high quality air filter regulator and lubricator to ensure stable air pressure. Air tools are adversely affected by moisture. Since air from a compressor contains much moisture and dust, it is desirable to provide a filter and lubricator in the pipeline to remove such undesirable elements. To ensure the proper fitting and air hose size is selected for the Flex Power pulse tool model, please visit Mountz website.

Ensure there are no leaks in the airline. Verify the air pressure gauge is displaying a constant air pressure of 85 psi when the tool is freely running without any load. Once the Flex Power pulse tool is properly connected to an airline, the tool is ready to be preset using a torque tester.

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