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Refinery Plant Reduces Maintenance Cost with Quality Torque Multipliers



A refinery plant had a daily maintenance application that required two large valves to be opened and closed twice per day for cleaning. Two low-cost torque multipliers were being used for loosening and re-tightening the bolts on the valves. These tools were selected with the intent to speed up the maintenance process and reduce the overall maintenance cost. However, in a short period of time, the low-cost torque multipliers had become high-cost tools. Each multiplier tool was being sent in for service and repair 3 or more times a year. A large portion of the refinery plant's yearly maintenance budget was being consumed by these two tools. After two years, the repair costs for these two tools had become three times more than the original purchasing cost for the tools. The short term solution had become a long term problem.

Faced with a continuing high-cost maintenance problem, the plant manager for the refinery plant started searching for alternative tools to quickly resolve this cost issue. The plant manager contacted Mountz, Inc. and asked for a representative to visit their facility and demonstrate some cost-effective torque control solutions that were available to resolve their maintenance cost and fastening application.

After viewing their application with the plant manager, the Mountz representative demonstrated the Mountz CLD pneumatic torque multiplier as an option to resolve their maintenance application issue. The CLD torque multiplier shuts-off when the pre-set torque is achieved. It's a non-impacting tool and operates at a smooth, continuous rotation. The simple design has fewer internal parts that need to be serviced and not replaced often. After evaluating the Mountz torque multiplier, the plant manager elected to purchase the tools.

The Mountz torque multipliers were used in the maintenance process of opening and closing the two large valves daily. Over time, the plant manager saw the maintenance frequency and costs for servicing the tools decline. Only Mountz torque multipliers provide precision torque control, making it easier and often safer to assemble and service-threaded fasteners while reducing application problems and tool costs.

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