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Setting the Torque for a Pulse Tool


Pulse tools increase productivity and enhance product quality through precision torque control and user comfort. Regular tool calibration ensures repeatable accuracy and adherence to international standards. A pulse tool is a power tool that must be properly calibrated and maintained. Torque testing ensures the pulse tool is operating at peak performance and can highlight any potential tooling problems before they arise perhaps due to tool wear or broken components.

Setting the torque output of a pulse tool requires a torque tester or torque sensor. Here are some quick tips for setting the torque output of a Mountz pulse tool.

Once the proper air fitting and hose are connected to the pulse tool, verify the air pressure is reaching 85 psi with the tool freely running. Then the pulse tool is ready tested on the torque tester or torque sensor. Perform 4 to 5 rundowns to warm up the pulse tool with the torque testing system, but don't capture the readings yet. The tool needs to warm up. Then start testing the pulse tool with the torque testing system and capture the static torque readings.

An auto-shutoff pulse tool will automatically shut off. A non-shut off pulse tool will pulse between 3 to 5 seconds before it shuts off. Take as many torque readings as necessary or indicated by your company's quality standard. Adjust the torque setting of the pulse if needed.

Using a quality pulse tool makes a safer world through accuracy and precision. Controlling torque is essential for companies to ensure their product's quality, safety, and reliability isn't compromised. The failure of a three-dollar bolt that isn't properly tightened can lead to catastrophic or latent failures. Fasteners that are insufficiently fastened can vibrate loose and excessive torque can strip threaded fasteners.

There are three styles in which the torque wrench can signal achieving torque: either by a click, break, or slip. Each of the three wrench styles has a specific purpose and utility. When you decide to spend the money on one, it is important that you select the one that will do the job properly and not generically.

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