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Torque Calibration with BMX Torque Sensor


With over 55 years of experience, Mountz is a pioneer in developing torque sensors and torque testers. The Mountz BMX torque sensor is a bench mounted torque sensor designed for both measuring torque as well as calibrating torque tools. The versatile unit can be used in both a calibration lab environment or out on the production floor. Using a quality sensor is key for many companies to ensure that the proper torque is being applied. Testing torque is literally a science and not something that can be left to chance.

The BMX is a finely tuned torque testing instrument that can measure torque in both a clockwise and counterclockwise direction. Meeting the demands to test multiple torque ranges for various torque tools used in production, maintenance and calibration labs, the versatile sensor is used in conjunction with a torque tester. Mountz manufacturers the sensor in the USA and supplies a free ISO 17025 certification of calibration with the purchase of any new BMX unit. This certificate provides traceability to recognized national and international standards.

The Mountz BMX torque sensor has been a reliable torque testing instrument for many, many years. Have a Mountz representative visit your facility and provide a torque testing demonstration. Request an appointment.

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