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Torque Impacts Our Daily Lives


Torque is not something that we think about on a daily basis. We may never think about its importance or what it provides to us. Torque impacts our daily lives. Torque surrounds us. Millions and millions of 4,000-pound automobiles zip along the roads daily. Twelve-ton jets ascend to our skies hourly transporting our colleagues, our friends and our families. Satellites seamlessly orbit around our planet. At our fingertips, our modern electronics provide us with instant communication with the world. All these items are assembled with fasteners and quality torque tools.

Fasteners and bolts may seem like small and simple components commonly used to securely clamp two or more items together. Although these components seem like a small part of the design and assembly process, it shouldn't minimize their importance. Improperly tightening fasteners can unknowingly cause catastrophic or latent failures. Lack of torque control for fastening applications impacts our daily lives.

Lack of torque control has caused wheel detachment on vehicles, failures with life-saving medical instruments and prevented electronic devices from functioning. Without torque control, our daily lives would not be the same.

For 50 years, the core purpose of Mountz has been and will continue to be - making a safer world through accuracy and precision. Since 1965, Mountz has proven its in-depth knowledge of torque control and torque solutions. Enhance product safety, reduce fastening failures and improve your assembly process. Need to learn more about torque control? Give us a call 1-888-925-2763, we are happy to assist you.

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