Mountz Core Management

Brad Mountz, President

Brad began his career at Mountz in 1982, during college, in the machine shop. He has served in every department at Mountz and led significant initiatives, including designing and implementing compensation, sales, marketing, quality, customer satisfaction, product management, and management systems. Brad's talents include creating growth initiatives, selecting talent, aligning people toward a vision, goal, or project, and delivering agreed upon outcomes.  Brad enjoys working with customers and partners but thrives in helping people achieve goals and unlocking superior performance. "The work is challenging, and the people motivate me to bring my best every day," said Brad. "It is gratifying to see the Company and its people grow and accomplish objectives together. It is personally fulfilling and purposeful."


Brad is married and has four children. As a San Jose State University alumnus, he actively supports their athletic scholarship programs. As a former baseball athlete, Brad loves outdoor sports. He enjoys reading, traveling, periodic golfing, and fishing and cherishes free time with his family and friends. Brad has been an active member of The Alternative Board and Vistage, CEO peer groups, and serves on several advisory boards. He is involved in his local church community and is an ardent supporter of free enterprise.

David Aviles, CFO

David started in Mountz in 1996 as an Accounts Receivable Administrator. During his tenure, he advanced through all major accounting department roles. David was promoted to CFO in 2011 and serves as the Treasurer on the Mountz Board of Directors. " Mountz provides me the challenges and opportunities to grow my career," said David. "Mountz truly believes in developing and growing their people. The organization has also given me a well-rounded view of business operations versus concentrating in one specific area."

He focuses on making strategic investments and achieving profitability goals to ensure Mountz achieves its vision. In addition to Finance and Accounting, David oversees Order Management, HR, IT, and facilities management activities. Developing an innovative IT infrastructure and a customer-centric Order Management (OM) department are vital objectives that David focuses on supporting to help exceed the customer experience. David is a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Daniel Andeel, Director of Sales (Vice President of Sales)

Daniel joined Mountz Inc. in 1994 as a sales representative in Southern California. His passion for the sales profession and developing people has propelled Daniel to advance in various sales management roles at Mountz. He has a proven track record of building winning teams and driving sales in a fast-paced environment that delivers solutions for Mountz customers.

His sales career started right out of college, selling copiers for Lanier Worldwide before joining Mountz. Daniel attended Azusa Pacific University and earned a communication and business management degree. While residing in Southern California, Daniel and his wife have two sons pursuing their academic and baseball careers at the collegiate level. Daniel enjoys spending time with family, self-improvement, working out, wine, sports, watching his sons playing baseball, and taking time to appreciate the gift of life.

Steve Saller, Director of Operations

With over 40 years in the industry, with roles covering a range of research, marketing, sales, and operations, Steve started with Mountz in 2014. His objective is to ensure that Operations are a strategic asset for the company, providing flexibility, support, and responsiveness that allows Mountz to effectively produce and deliver the products and services the vision requires. "For the first time in my career, I am involved with a product that directly impacts the consumer," said Steve. "The accuracy and precision of our products ensure the safety of end users in so many different areas. It gives me great satisfaction and drives me to make improvements every day."

Married for 33 years with two children and one grandchild, Steve is a former adjunct professor of mathematics. His hobbies include golf, gardening, and woodworking. He serves as a volunteer PTA president, cub scout & boy scout leader, national championship youth football coach/board member, and Rebuilding San Jose team leader.

Olivia Reilly-Mountz, Director of Marketing & Business Development

Olivia joined the family business in 2018 as a Business Development manager. She is the daughter of Brad Mountz and granddaughter of Don Mountz, the founder. Olivia focuses on business strategy development and implementation, including helping to develop the next generation of leaders at the company and driving organizational excellence across the organization to achieve its vision. Her passion is coaching and mentoring, especially with women. She enjoys the organization's people, culture, and executive leadership opportunities. "I will drive strategy and build high-performing teams that execute our goals. I will positively contribute to the culture by growing and mentoring future leaders in the organization," said Olivia." I am proud to sell a product that makes the world a safer place."

Olivia and her husband welcomed their first child at the end of 2021. She enjoys traveling to Europe, cooking healthy food, and spending time by the ocean with family. Olivia graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.A. Communication and a minor in Political Science. 

Jon Simmons, Senior Director of Engineering

Jon joined Mountz in 2022 to guide the Mountz engineering team into the next growth phase. His objective is to lead and evolve a great engineering team to develop compelling, innovative products that help Mountz achieve its vision. "We get to work with great people to make great products that are a meaningful contribution to society. Our products are a must-have, not a nice to have, for the world to function," said Jon. "It's truly rewarding to work with such people developing these products."

Jon earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana State University while working in R&D for the energy industry. After graduation, he joined Lockheed working in R&D for the F-22 and other programs. Next, Jon entered the world of high energy physics with a Lockheed assignment at the Superconducting Super Collider National Laboratory as the integration engineer for the main ring of superconducting magnets. He joined his first small company as the Product Line Manager and Head Engineer for a startup, Cybex Technologies, automating the last manual manufacturing process for the Intel Pentium. Jon then spent ten years at Applied Materials, leading the worldwide Ion Implant team, with multiple first-in-fab product launches at 1st Tier semiconductor manufacturers. Entering the world of ultra precision optics, Jon became Vice President of Engineering at Nanometrics, leading the development of their products into an industry-leading position. He joined ThinFilm Electronics in 2015 and helped build out and commission the world's first roll-to-roll printed transistor fab.  

James Lau, Director of Product

Bringing 12 years of high-level experience in developing manufactured products, James joined Mountz in 2021. As a Product Manager at JUUL, he led a complex product conception executive proposal that resulted in a prompt product roadmap decision saving the company $5M in development costs. His prior experience as an optomechanical engineering design lead resulted in 6 patented outdoor LED product lines, which transitioned him into product management and was responsible for a $100M+ product portfolio.

His objective is to help Mountz achieve its vision by bridging the gap between customers, the market, partners, and internal stakeholders so that Mountz can focus on creating the best products and services for fastening manufacturing applications. "I find immense satisfaction in creating solutions that solve fastening problems for companies that make products and services we use every day," said James. His hobbies are rock climbing and exploring the outdoors via hiking and camping. James is a graduate of Boston University with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering. He is a certified Product Manager from the Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM).

Aubrey Tiikkala, Business Intelligence | Data Analytics Manager

With ten years of experience and expertise in sales and marketing operations in the manufacturing industry, Aubrey joined Mountz in 2020. Focusing on operational efficiencies and driving strategic decisions through data, she helps Mountz achieve its vision through data analytics, allowing management to make quick and strategic decisions.


"Our products positively impact society and improve technology for the future. We focus on products that promote safety and accuracy in a challenging market," said Aubrey. "We strongly focus on our culture and setting challenging goals to keep us engaged." Her passion is for bringing teams together and creating collaborative work environments. She has BA from UNC Charlotte and an MBA from Queens University.

Cyd Simione, Director of HR

Cyd joined Mountz, Inc. in 1993 as an Accounts Receivable Administrator. During her tenure at Mountz, she has had the opportunity to hold positions in Accounting & Administration, including Accounts Payable and Controller. She is also part of the Mountz Internal quality audit team for the QMS (Quality Management System) and serves as the Assistant Secretary on the Mountz board of directors. To help Mountz achieve its vision, Cyd ensures the company has the processes and policies to hire and retain the right people so we can exceed our quality, customer service, and performance objectives.

"I enjoy working at Mountz because I feel valued and appreciated," said Cyd. " I have been provided with growth opportunities. Especially with my HR role, I am fortunate to be an instrument of carrying on a culture of care and compassion that the Mountz family has always shown to its employees." Cyd was born in Cebu City, Philippines, and earned a Bachelor of Business Management degree from the University of the Philippines. She migrated to the USA in 1991 to join her parents. Cyd is married, and she and her husband have a son. She enjoys listening to music, gardening, cooking, and taking walks during her free time.