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Evaluate & Verify Torque with Dial Torque Screwdriver


A dial measuring screwdriver is designed for torque evaluation and torque verification. It is a low-cost versatile tool that can be utilized for QC, R & D and assembly operations. The Mountz dial indicating torque screwdriver can be used to monitor torque as it increases or decreases or display peak torque applied on a fastening application. The screwdriver is a dual scale tool marked in metric and imperial units and meets ISO 6789 accuracy requirements.

The dial screwdriver can be used in track or peak mode and is operational in both directions in either mode. In track mode the torque value applied is constantly tracked and displayed. When the torque is released, the pointer returns to zero. Peak mode tracks the torque but leaves a memory pointer at the maximum torque position.

Improve your quality process with a minimal investment. Call us at 1-888-925-2763 to find the right dial torque screwdriver for your torque measuring needs.

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